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I like to design any kind of jewelry but i feel a certain sensibility for the rings. Rings have formed and are a part of my identity.

Creativity and curiosity have always been my faithful companions, but my relationship with jewelry can be said that was destiny. Something that i never looked for, but found in front of me throughout in my life since 1999, when i first entered the world of precious metals and gems.

At the academy of Fine Arts, where i was preparing my entrance for this career, a colleague told me about a nearby jewelry school as he was always seeing me wearing big striking rings. At that time my rings were trying to tell stories, they allowed me to express myself and i thought... how wonderful would be, design my own stories!

I am product designer (IED) specialized in jewelry ( Escuela de Arte 3), educated in Spain and Italy (Le Arti Orafe), currently living and working in Greece.

I have learned the old school way but still learning new techniques and using new technologies. I have worked and still been working, designing collections for jewelry companies in Europe and Latin America adapting to their requirements, client objectives, brand philosophy, fashion and trend, responsible of the creative area, photography and Internet presentation. Having been creating custom-designed objects for many clients, i can say that is very rewarding, telling stories for other people through my jewels. I have also had the privilege being a teacher, something very enriching, in schools like:  the Escuela de Arte 3 in Madrid, the Consorcio Escuela de Joyería of Cordoba, the IED- Instituto europeo de design of Madrid and the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas in Santiago of Chile.

And although i love my work so much, i always try to reserve a part of my time to remember that first impulse that led me to study jewelry designing. Make rings for myself. In my web is where i present my most personal tastes, moving away form trends, where everyone wears the same things and jewelry becomes superficial. There is no ring in my web that i wouldn't wear and that has a very special meaning for me!


As a teacher of jewelry history i believe that a designer has to know what there is and was in the marketplace, in order to be able to innovate and create something of his own. And it is precisely for this reason, that above all, it inspires me to look outside the jewelry world.

I am inspired by the perfection, the beauty, the beauty of perfection. This beauty can be hidden in countless places, things, the mathematics, that govern nature, in the concept of unity, in architecture, in sacred geometry, in a specific number, in spirals, in the durability and brightness quality of gem and precious metals.

I am inspired by innovation and functionality. Searching of new ways to work with the advances of new technologies but without neglecting the value of traditional techniques. It motivates me trying to adjust new shapes into the necessary ergonomics of a portable object. Comfort. New materials.It inspires me looking for new functions or make a ring to be multifunctional, reversible, that can be kind of a game for the one that wears it. It inspires me designing jewels that are not boring.


The School of Arts is pleased to welcome Nuria Parrado, distinguished jewelry designer, to give a special course: Illustration of jewelry, focused in handling a number of techniques representing jewelry, metals and gems, addressed to jewelers as to those in other proffessions. No requirement of previous knowledge. Essential to present ideas and propose corrections, but also to optimize the process of conceptualization and design. Drawing is the way of thinking for the artist, jeweler and designer!


Dear reader, in this matter, we share with you the advantages using Rhinoceros software and its plug-in RhinoGold. To this end, we invite the Spanish designer Nuria Parrado to testify about using the software and how it changed her  work and creation process.

"The designer Nuria Parrado was the highlight 1st edition of the journal Joias & Design. At that time, I met Nuria work via the Internet and what caught my attention was the innovative design and randomness in the inspiration of her pieces.

We emphasize the use of 3D technology, essential for the perfect fit of her bold, creative and functional rings. Nuria's collection presented was basically silver and colored resin rings. In the same line of design Nuria has developed a new collection called "Alma." However, this new "Alma" collection was entirely designed and perfected with the Rhinoceros software and plug-in RhinoGold, with top quality materials and settings of precious stones. This important detail of the use of technology earned her a prize. She won the II Madrid Joya Designers contest. "

Amanda Rodrigues. 

Here are the statements of Nuria on using the software:
"Designers working with Rhinoceros undoubtedlyhave gained in speed displaying and making ideas. Although I'm old school and started designing everything by hand, with a computer, in my opinion, the work is even more enjoyable. You can easily visualize your idea and examine the piece from every angle with the "orbit" tool.