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The School of Arts is pleased to welcome Nuria Parrado, distinguished jewelry designer, to give a special course: Illustration of jewelry, focused in handling a number of techniques representing jewelry, metals and gems, addressed to jewelers as to those in other proffessions. No requirement of previous knowledge. Essential to present ideas and propose corrections, but also to optimize the process of conceptualization and design. Drawing is the way of thinking for the artist, jeweler and designer!


Dear reader, in this matter, we share with you the advantages using Rhinoceros software and its plug-in RhinoGold. To this end, we invite the Spanish designer Nuria Parrado to testify about using the software and how it changed her  work and creation process.

"The designer Nuria Parrado was the highlight 1st edition of the journal Joias & Design. At that time, I met Nuria work via the Internet and what caught my attention was the innovative design and randomness in the inspiration of her pieces.

We emphasize the use of 3D technology, essential for the perfect fit of her bold, creative and functional rings. Nuria's collection presented was basically silver and colored resin rings. In the same line of design Nuria has developed a new collection called "Alma." However, this new "Alma" collection was entirely designed and perfected with the Rhinoceros software and plug-in RhinoGold, with top quality materials and settings of precious stones. This important detail of the use of technology earned her a prize. She won the II Madrid Joya Designers contest. "

Amanda Rodrigues. 

Here are the statements of Nuria on using the software:
"Designers working with Rhinoceros undoubtedlyhave gained in speed displaying and making ideas. Although I'm old school and started designing everything by hand, with a computer, in my opinion, the work is even more enjoyable. You can easily visualize your idea and examine the piece from every angle with the "orbit" tool.